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How It Works

Delivering affordable internet services to business and residential customers.

How CRadvantage works

CRadvantage is a fibre optic network infrastructure upon which Internet Service Providers (ISPs) will be able to deliver affordable internet services to business and residential customers. The network will be connected to integrated buildings, businesses, and multi-residential developments. ISPs will lease access to the network from the City of Campbell River, which will maintain the fibre optic network architecture. By providing this infrastructure, the City of Campbell River will be fostering a marketplace in which ISPs will compete for customers and have incentive to innovate with less potential for monopolistic pricing to emerge.

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How your business benefits

With the CRadvantage, you can build your business in one of Canada’s most beautiful and affordable cities. With low-cost,high-quality, high-speed internet access guaranteed to be scalable up to 1gb symmetrical, you can operate like a Silicon Valley start-up or enterprise while living in an affordable paradise.

Your business will be able to:

  • Access competitive rates from multiple service providers for broadband internet access, enterprise VOIP (Voice Over IP) phone systems, and streaming services
  • Host high traffic, bandwidth needy websites, web apps, social networks, video platforms, and data centres in a secure, Canadian infrastructure
  • Upload and download large files in seconds
  • Enjoy seamless HD video conferencing and video streaming
  • Provide public WIFI to your clients
  • Invest in a community with demonstrated increases in property values for building owners
  • Attract premium, world-class employees with opportunities to work and live in an ocean-side, lifestyle-rich, family friendly community

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