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Introducing the CRadvantage

As the growth in the technology sector continues to change our world, one thing has remained true – that the people and businesses who reap the full benefit of technology are those who remain in large urban centres. More and more, technology has given us the ability to create business and contribute to the global economy in ways we never imagined. At least, for those who live in big cities.

Until now.

The Campbell River Advantage is a municipal initiative that provides businesses and the public accessibility to inexpensive, high speed, broadband fibre optic networking in Campbell River, British Columbia. Located on beautiful Vancouver Island, Campbell River is Canada’s premier adventure sport destination and has now emerged as one of the world’s most technologically accessible communities outside of urban centres.

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What is the CRadvantage?

The Campbell River advantage (CRadvantage) is a municipal broadband, fibre optic network in Campbell River, BC.

As the first municipality on Vancouver Island to offer an open-access network of this kind, Campbell River is now positioned as one of the key tech communities in Canada, enabling high-speed, high-bandwidth internet connectivity for businesses and residential developments in the city’s downtown core.

Symmetrical bandwith scalable to 1Gb/s

Just how fast is it? The CRadvantage will provide symmetrical (identical upload and download) bandwidth scalable to 1 gigabit per second. Internet accessibility at this speed will put businesses in Campbell River on equal footing with competitors in downtown Vancouver, Palo Alto, San Francisco, or New York City, but at a fraction of the cost of living or doing business in any of those cities.

Add to this Campbell River’s rich, family-friendly culture and some of the lowest-cost, waterfront-accessible real estate on the west coast of Canada and what do you get? The most affordable, lifestyle-rich community in which to live, play, and do business in the Pacific Northwest. If you want to have it all, Campbell River is the place to be for entrepreneurs, start-ups, businesses, and families.

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